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Amber Care Recruitment Agency.
Delivering High Standard, Qualified and Experienced Staffs to Individuals and Organisations...
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Staffing Provider

We know that every individual/ organization is different, and our goal is always to provide support in a way that you find most convenient. If that's in the form of a phone call from us on the day your off-duty rota is published, we can schedule that for you. Whether you prefer to make advance bookings or have last-minute requirements, we will tailor our service for you. 

Making the decision to have care at home is never an easy one, and we fully appreciate you will want to be completely satisfied with your choices.

We take a personalized approach to care at home, and we know that no two people have the same desires and preferences for their care at home service.

At Amber Agency, we make a commitment to our employees, which is reflected in the high quality of their work. Unlike agencies, we don’t offer them zero-hours or temporary contracts. Our team consists of permanent employees who are managed by a local line manager.

For clients and service users, we aim to:
  • Provide the highest standard of care.

  • Enhance their quality of life and maximize their potential.

  • Fully respect their dignity, individuality, cultural, social, and religious needs.

  • Recognize their right to privacy, including confidential information about themselves, their family, and friends.

  • Attend their needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For our clients and partners, we aim to:

  • Be an active part of the recruitment teams in organizations we work with.

  • Fully integrate with them to ensure continuity staffing support

  • Collaborate and co-operate with all partners we work with

Our staff are all vetted, all have the valid Right-To-Work, Enhanced DBS verified, permanent employees, working in both establishments and on a one-to-one basis. With the highest standards of training and experience, we deliver exceptional service, peace of mind, and value for money.

We work with teams within and outside of Kent environs to deliver on any type of bespoke requirements to suite your needs. Contact us now for a quote >>
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