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Career Opportunity



Role: Business Consultant

Job Type: Full-Time/ Part-Time

Rate: £22,000 - £30,000 (Depending on experience)

Job Location: London

Applicant Type: Permanent

We are seeking to recruit a Business Consultant who will work directly with us and is able to support the Office Manager and care team with the overall operation of the business. We are keen to recruit someone with the right values and behaviors who can help us ensure our workplace values are at the heart of everything we do – we would prefer someone who shares our values who are kind, compassionate and want to make a difference to the quality of life than a qualification!

Our Values include:

· having trust, respect and enjoy working closely with everyone in your team

· treating our clients, their families and friends with support and compassion

· showing dignity and respect to the people that you work with

· a commitment to quality and being the best, you can be.

Do you share these values? If so, read on…

As a Consultant, you will oversee the development and implementation of care plans that are designed to provide meaningful choice and support to those in need of care and support, so they can access services to help them lead the life they want. We are looking for someone who will install a culture of continuous improvement for our clients and the team.

The ideal candidate will:

· Support the Office Manager with care package assessments

· Write excellent business proposals.

· Update digital / paper records business proposals monthly / as and when required ensuring that they are clear and accurate

· Improve and maintain the continuity of care for new and existing care packages

· Effectively plan, grow and manage the team and the service to achieve the highest possible standards and quality of service delivery

· Participate in care rota on a routine basis

· Follow the Data Protection Act, GDPR and support management with the DSPT (Data Security Protection Toolkit)

· Manage time effectively, prioritise workloads, plan ahead and achieve deadlines as necessary

· Liaise with various external professionals and commissioning authorities to ensure that the care needs of new and existing clients are met.

· Attend and positively contribute to monthly team meetings and governor meetings

· Strong customer service skills to effectively communicate between the team, the clients and their family / friends

· Be familiar with and to implement the Company’s policies and procedures and all legislative and regulatory requirements relating to the activities of the Company.


You will also be able to learn with us how to develop staff, alongside leadership abilities, excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


You will also have a minimum of 2-year experience bringing in new businesses for the organization.

If you have the right values for Amber Care Recruitment Agency, you will be supported by a programme of continuous training and development.

If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, or to find out more, please email us on


  • Company pension

  • Store discount

  • Work from home



  • Monday to Friday


Supplemental pay types:

  • Yearly bonus


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